Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Cesira's First Violin Recital

I wish that I stuck with playing the piano, or that my mom would have pushed me a little more into sticking with it when I was younger. But, that is list for next year.

Anyway, out of the blue one day after school had just started, Cesira told me that she wanted to learn to play the violin. Given her less than stellar record with practicing the piano, I was really hopeful that she would like it and it wouldn't be as hard to get her practice. So, I sat her down to make sure that she understood that once she starts, she will have to make it an entire year before she quits given the expense of the lessons and the violin rental. I must say that I am pretty impressed, and it has been easier to get her to practice - even though, her dad would periodically tease her about needing ear plugs. I also think that she's happier with it, because it is something that she chose.

She was in a class with 5 other children. Over the 12 weeks, they learned how to hold the violin, the rest and play positions, how to keep the violin clean, how to use the bow, finger positions for playing (actually, notes, but the Suzuki method doesn't teach "notes" until the 2nd year), and how to bow after playing. Her instructor said that she learned quickly, and is now ready for the next level which is a weekly private lesson as well as a weekly group lesson. I'm looking forward to her progress over the next half of the school year.

Her first violin recital (yesterday):

I loved seeing her "game face" while she was concentrating...she looks so serious.

We're very proud of her, and I can't wait to hear her play after the second half of the year. Hopefully, I've figured out how to add the video: http://

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