Tuesday, December 7, 2010

That's my Boy Scout!

After school yesterday, Ian and I met up with his school's Boy Scout Pack to serve dinner at Catholic Charities.

When we arrived we were given their instructions. The kids were really supposed to do the work, and we were supposed to watch(?) - you bet I helped.

I had to giggle, because after the boys were given their gloves, they decided to goof around and blow up their gloves, touch their hair, touch their faces, and touch the floor. Oops! Someone forgot to explain to the younger ones that the gloves were for sanitation purposes, and touching things was not a good idea. Oh, well. They definitely learned something new.

Now, for their duties. They held trays of cookies to offer the women and their children once they were sitting down to eat. They also offered some water for them to drink. And, when they were finished eating, the boys offered to take their trays.

The smiles on the women were so bright, and they were so thankful. We were told many times that we have nice sons. My thought each time was that I, personally, want my children to learn now how to help others less fortunate in our community when given the chance. One of the ladies even came up to each of us adults to give us a hug, and to thank us.

Before we left in our cars, we decided that we would like our next volunteer opportunity to be at the Youth Center. I think we'll be doing that in the spring.

On our way home, Ian said, "The best part of volunteering tonight was seeing their smiling faces and how thankful they were."

I know he gets it, and I hope he never forgets!

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  1. So proud of Ian- what a great job! So funny about the gloves- oh well I little bit of dirt never hurt anyone!