Friday, November 21, 2008

Our Picaso

Ian really enjoys his art class (and his other 'specials' as well). They learn about an artist and then get to do their version of the artist's work, and she is very creative when it comes to using someone's 'scraps' for art projects. Our house has quite a few items on display from last year, and I'll have to find places for what will come home this year. He brings home an art project every other week, or so, from this class.

Last week, we received a letter stating that his artwork was going to be on display at the Summerlin Library with a reception for everyone. A handful of classrooms were chosen for this event, so I'm sure that each class will have the same opportunity. So, Ian, Cesira, my mother-in-law (visiting from CA) and I met Ray at the library to check out his artwork and to take pictures (of course!) for his scrapbook. It was great to see him be so excited that his artwork was chosen, and he said that he had no idea what was chosen. He was so proud to show us his work. I'm really glad we made a point to attend the event.


  1. That's really cool that his art work was chosen! Art was always my favorite in school.

  2. Congrats Ian!
    I once had art work displayed, I was so proud of myself since it was all effort and no talent.
    Has he always loved art? I would love to sign Jaylin up for an art class since they don't get to go to art in kindergarten.

  3. Shari-
    Thanks for the bed wetting comment. It helps to hear what other people are going through. I did buy the pull-ups after all and it's been nice.