Sunday, November 16, 2008

Our Little VIP

In Cesira's kindergarten class, a student was chosen each week to be the VIP for the following week. Being the VIP meant: they got to wear the VIP sash, bring home the VIP bag, ring the "bell" (more music triangle-type) for clean up and of outdoor time, show and tell 1 item each day, and design the VIP board.

All of the kids really wanted to be the next VIP, and worked on trying to wait patiently for their turn. I must admit that it was a little difficult for Cesira to be patient at first, but she worked through it. It was a wonderful lesson in learning to be patient.

Mrs. Ferraro decided to pick the VIP on Thursday, November 6th (a day early) just in case the kids would pick Cesira first (Cesira and one of the boys were the last 2), because we were flying to Chicago that afternoon and she wouldn't be at school the next day, Friday. Well, Cesira was picked, so I made a pretty big deal about it in hopes of getting her excited about it.

Since we were going to be out of town for a long weekend (neither kid had school Nov. 10th & 11th for Veteran's Day) I referred to her being the VIP, and decorating the board, on the flight to Chicago, in the car on our trip to Kentucky on Sunday, while visiting my brother and his family in Lexington, KY, and then again, on Tuesday, in the car on our trip back to Chicago to catch our fight home, and again during the flight. She just didn't seem all that thrilled about it, and I couldn't figure out why. I grabbed some pink paper and ribbon to put on the board, and she liked it. Then she and went to pick out some pictures for it. She selected 4 pictures and a flower that she made for me last year in preschool for Mother's Day to put on it. It just looked so bare to me...but it was done and she was fine with it and went to bed.

When she came home from school on Wednesday, she had the VIP bag. We went through the bag and read the books and filled out "the important thing about Cesira" page. I know that we're supposed to get it with the board, but I wasn't convinced that it would have helped her figure out what the board meant. Anyway, back to the important thing about Cesira. She drew her self portrait, and then proceeded to tell me that the important thing about Cesira is that she likes candy corn. There were other parts to it, like she loves her family, but I just thought that one part was really funny! It was so hard for me to not laugh when she said it. I hope that Mrs. Ferraro will give those back to us, because each child filled it out, and they're priceless. That reminds me of the time when Cesira told her preschool teacher that potato chips and broccoli were my favorite foods! These are definitely things that will be added to her scrapbook.

Cesira had a nice VIP week. After talking with one of the other moms in the class, I know that Cesira just didn't understand the concept of sharing herself with her classmates. To her, her friends at school already knew her. But, having show and tell each day, and ringing the "bell" was really neat.


  1. ahhh...comments!
    Happy VIP week! I wish Jaylin got to do that too.

  2. I'm glad she finally got her turn. She deserved it after waiting so long! I wonder what happens after everyone does VIP?