Sunday, March 29, 2009

A Family Weekend

Boy, I've come to accept that I have made myself WAY too busy this school year with Ian and Cesira being in separate schools. But, I am able to squeeze in some fun for them between homework, piano lessons, Kid Shine, soccer, baseball and swimming.

Ray has recently gotten into cycling, and since Cesira didn't have a soccer game yesterday, we drove to St. George for him to ride in the Tour de St. George. That meant a 3:00 a.m. wake up to get us there by 7:30 a.m. Mountain Time. After he registered, and we ate breakfast, he was off and riding at 8:00 a.m.

We didn't see the start, because we drove to Starbucks to sign Cesira up for swimming lessons via the internet. The kids and I then drove along a part of the course to see if we could find Ray.

Ian took most of these pictures with our little digital camera. I think he did a nice job.

I took these pictures of the kids when we stopped at one of the parks along the way.

They got bored with trying to find their dad on the course, and the map wasn't the best, so I decided to take them the the Dinosaur Discovery Park to learn a little about dinosaurs. Again, Ian took these pictures, and he had fun walking around with the camera. He even took a couple videos that I'll try to add if I can figure it out.

As the photo states, this is a velociraptor mongoliensis skull.

This is a Theropod Dinosaur egg replica.

He even took a picture of his little sister holding her artwork.

Well, the kids were having so much fun in the sand box outside the park, that we ended up missing Ray finish the ride. He finished it much quicker than he had anticipated. So, this is the only picture we have of him.

Today, we went to ESPN Zone for lunch with a friend of Ray's, here for the last part of spring break with his two daughters and their friend from Northwest Indiana. Our nice weather was a nice change for them from the crazy winter weather they've been having. Somehow we were lucky to get seated in a little room since there were 7 of us. Ray and Jon planned to watch College Basketball, so after we ate all the kids and I ran upstairs to go play games with a couple of the 3-hour cards I won at the Co-op Fundraiser. Here are some pics from our afternoon.

After we were finished playing, we headed down to Ben & Jerry's for some ice cream...yummy!

Now, the kids are asleep in bed, and I am back to my reality of laundry, cleaning and running around.


  1. Busy weekend= Lots of fun! Ian's pretty good at taking pics...we still haven't taken that family portrait in case he's interested...!!!

  2. Busy, busy, busy! I know the feeling. Sounds like it is good busy though.

  3. Don't you love St. George? It's a great place to get away. You should join Ray in the next race. Sounds like fun!