Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Iron Horse has come and gone

One of our family's favorite places to vacation is Colorado. Although we seem to frequent the Telluride to ski in the winter, Ray and I have been there in the summer, and in the fall (for the Imogene Pass Run), and now we have been there in the spring.

As I've mentioned before, Ray was training for the Iron Horse Classic Bike Race that goes from Durango, Co to Silverton, Co. That race was over the Memorial Day weekend. We were able to "secure a sitter", a.k.a. Grandma Shirley, for the kids so we could go away for the weekend by ourselves and the kids wouldn't miss any school.

The weather report called for "snow" over the weekend, Ray pointed out to me from his desk in Louisiana (he had to be there for business), he was considering changing to snow tires on his car. I guess I should mention that he was due back here in Las Vegas, NV from Louisiana on Wednesday evening, and we were planning to leave first thing on Thursday morning. But, he spoke with someone living in Colorado that said the snow would only be flurries.

So, Thursday morning we started one of "Ray and Shari's Big Adventures" and headed towards Durango, Co. stopping only for lunch and gas along the way. Since we didn't have our kids with us, it was a smooth car ride, except for the extra hour due to trees being planted once in Flagstaff, Az.

On Friday, we drove up the mountain pass so Ray could check out the course, go for a ride, and then we had a nice dinner at an Italian restaurant.

Saturday came, and I needed to get by the ski area before the road closed so that I could be at the finish when Ray was done. Going to road bike races is a new thing for me, I was basically clueless as to when to expect him at the finish. So, I made myself useful and offered to help with setting up the finish area. I will definitely offer to help with this race next year if Ray rides in it again. I met so many people while helping out. Can I just say that Ray was so concerned that he wouldn't do well in the ride, that I didn't have my camera ready to get any pictures of him finishing the race? I was watching the race, and then noticed that he was all of a sudden there! I felt badly that I was taking pictures of the professional riders earlier, but didn't get one my my own husband as he was finishing the race later. I did yell for him, does that count?
After the race, we headed for Telluride, Co. The curvy mountain roads didn't seem to bother me as much this trip as they did when we drove a couple years ago. I was quite relieved. We stopped in Ouray, Co for lunch on the way, and purchased our groceries on our way up to hill.

All in all, it did rain, and even sleet, quite a bit over the weekend. And, it was pretty chilly, but Ray and I both had a nice relaxing rest of the holiday weekend at the Chapus guest house (Thank you Vickie & Jean Marc). It was nice to have some quiet time until Monday morning when it was time to head home. I hope we'll be able to do it again before eight more years go by.

Thank you, Mom, for coming to spend time with the kids. They loved having you with them for, and I quote, "one of the BEST weekends, ever!" I also enjoyed spending time with you. Sorry, we kept you running. Hopefully next time won't be so busy.

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