Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The "end" of the Co-op

With the preschool kids having finished classes for the year last week, the kindergartners had the run of the school. They spent most of their time over these last 3 days outside, and the last two days of kindergarten were filled with the bike rodeo yesterday, and the stepping up ceremony today.
For the bike rodeo, all the kids brought their bikes and were given a tag listing the 5 stations they needed to go to: #1-bike inspection - all the bikes needed to be safe; #2 bike and helmet fit - all helmets needed to fit properly, and bicycles needed to be at the right height; #3 start and stop - the kids start their bikes and ride up to the stop sign, stop and step off their bikes; #4 scanning the area - they had to look around to notice things around them; #5 balance - they rode their bicycles around a line of cones. And, at the end, they received a bicycle license. The kids had a good time, and a couple of her classmates took their training wheels off - Avry and Jacob were ready to take that plunge - way to go! I casually asked Cesira if she wanted to take hers off, and she replied, "No, not without Dad." Ray has a date with his daughter when he gets back into town this weekend.

Today was Cesira's last day of kindergarten, and her last day at the Kids' Co-op. When we arrived this morning, Mrs. Ferraro had a place set for each child, and in the center of each table with the centerpiece were 2 packets of kleenex for the parents. She knew what she was doing!

The day started with the Pledge of Allegiance, the Pledge to the Earth, the kindness pledge, and then the poem Mrs. Ferraro found that was a perfect fit for the Co-op experience:

Dirt on My Shirt
by Jeff Foxworthy

There was dirt on my shirt
And leaves in my hair
There was mud on my boots
But I didn't care

Playing outside was so much fun
To breathe the clean air
And feel the warm sun
To stomp in a puddle
Or climb a big tree
Made me quite happy
Just look and you'll see.

Mrs. Ferarro talked a little about her year with our kids, which got me quite choked up. It started to really hit me that Cesira was now finishing with this stage in her life, and mine.

When it was time for the kids to step up, she called each one up and cited what she will always remember about him or her as well as the other 3 students that have left the class throughout the year. She will always remember Cesira's hair on Wacky Wednesday and how excited she was for the 100th day celebration. The kids were all smiles, and we barely got a group shot at the end before they dashed to the snacks.
It was a nice end to a great year. Next step: 1st grade! Meadows, here we come!

Together, we have learned some amazing things, met many people, and made some amazing friends over the past 2 years and will look forward to continuing our friendships and attending Co-op events in the future as an alumni family.


  1. Great job getting the post up! Woohoo! It's the end of the co-op BUT the start of an awesome summer! You guys are going to LOVE the meadows next year! I'm jealous of the pic by the door, all 3 we took have Jake making an ick face!

  2. It is hard to believe that this year is over. I'm so glad that you found the Co-op!
    I think the thing I will remember about Cesira is her enthusiasm at birthday parties especially when gifts are being opened.