Sunday, July 5, 2009

Boy, does time fly!

Boy, summer is just flying by and June has come and gone. It seems like just yesterday that Cesira had her stepping up ceremony at the Co-op, and Ian said farewell to the second grade.

June began for us with a trip up to Cathedral Rock Picnic Area for a picnic with the Johnson and Danner families. After a late start (who knew it would take 2 hours to clean up one's bedroom?!) we joined them at the site.
Ian and Cesira with Kyla and Jacob.

After a quick lunch, the kids headed out for another hike and made a teeter totter with some logs. After everyone else left, Ian and Cesira still wanted to hike around a little bit. So, we put out the fire, packed the car and went for a short hike to the structure they had seen on their earlier adventure. The picture of the structure is from my blackberry, so it's not the clearest.

We had plans to go to the Lied Children's Discovery Museum a few days later, but the stomach flu interrupted the kids' fun for the week. Poor Cesira had no clue what was happening to her, and was half asleep when it "hit". I had to sleep on the floor outside her room to make sure she made it through the night.

Cesira went to Camp at the Co-op June 16-18. She surprised me by telling me that she was "bored" the first day, and didn't want to go back. BORED at the CO-OP?! I've never heard such a thing! The other 2 days went much better, and she came home with a smile on her face and wanted to go back "next week". Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures since my little camera was left at someones house, and the big one is just too cumbersome at times.

Ian was able to attend Camp Invention June 15th - 19th. It was money well spent! He had a blast all week long, and can't wait until next year. On Friday afternoon, they had a group presentation, and then the kids were able to show us the fruits of their labor.

Ian and CR-200

He was so excited to get his own patent for it. And, oh, by the way, CR-2000 is now a statue in our living room.

His group was charged with making a Viking ship, which was tested on Friday morning to see if they floated or sank. I am happy to report that his team's ship floated, and it also floated in our pool once we got home.

Each team also made a car, but his team's didn't turn out so well...dare I say, "the wheels fell off the cart"...

And, the last thing Ian was excited to show me was his super hero. Of course, I can't remember it's name, but I DID get a picture of it!

Few! What a fun week. Saturday morning started our family vacation, and we headed in our rental (mini) van up to Reno...that's for next time.

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  1. We had a great time in the woods with you guys! We will for sure do it again SOON and hopefully this time with no delays OR early departures!