Monday, January 25, 2010


Last week was the week of hair in the Cook household. Ian finally went in for a hair cut, and Cesira cut her own! Ian's hair is so fine that it gets unruly when it grows, and Cesira wanted to know what it was like to have hair in her face, like some of her classmates. Ian went with Ray for cheap hair cuts, and came home with some blue gel to put in his hair - only on the weekends. Cesira's hair is too short for bangs in the two spots that she cut, and will have to wait for it to grow before she can have bangs. Right now, it's not that visible, but give it some time...

And me? I just plucked a few gray hairs!


  1. Oh no... Did Cesira read Junie B. Jones The Barber Shop Guy? Maybe she should. :)

  2. Yes, she actually did, and that is a book that she lost and we need to return it to the school library!