Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I made it! Is that good, or bad?

Last month, I joined in on a challenge to cook from my pantry for the month of January (many thanks goes to It is now the 3rd day of February, and I made it through the month to cook things from my pantry and freezers (kitchen & garage) . On the left of this post are the meals we ate over the month-long process. I only had to purchase the items that we used on a daily basis: milk, fruit, vegetables, a few spices.

This challenge was very good for me and I now:

1. Look at what is in the freezers, refrigerator and pantry before choosing the main course ingredient (i.e. chicken, beef or fish).

2. Look for menus with ingredients that are in my house.

3. Stick to my grocery list when I do my shopping.

4. Place the week's plan on the refrigerator and check it every morning so I can do any preparations ahead of time.

5. I really try to stick to the menu plan and make what I've planned for to use up the ingredients instead of having them sit to either go bad, or old.

Now that I'm in week #5, I still have some things that I can use in my pantry, but I have almost emptied both of our freezers.

I really wish that I would have taken "before" pictures of our freezers and the pantry at the beginning of the month to remind me that I don't want to do that again. I'm just happy that I have lots of room to add some freezer meals to use over the next month.

Hmm...maybe I could turn that into my next challenge...

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  1. I really like the idea of not wasting and using food that might get thrown out anyway but there's something comforting about a full pantry. Do you know what I mean?