Thursday, October 28, 2010

Halloween is almost here!

Happy Halloween week! This past Saturday kicked off what was to be a busy, busy week. So, we started with breakfast at The Original Pancake House with the Johnson family on Saturday. I just love their pumpkin pancakes this time of year. Yummy!

Afterwards, both families headed off to Gilcrease Orchard to search for some pumpkins. It's really nice that we have a place to go pick them off the vine here in the Las Vegas area. We came home with 11 pumpkins, 1 large sweet potato, 1 Mexican melon (not quite sure of the name as it smells like melon, but looks like squash), a couple handfuls of tomatoes and a half gallon of apple cider (note to self: buy the gallon next time!).

It was a beautiful fall day, and all of us had fun.

Why 11 pumpkins? Well, we have some for carving, of course, and I'm actually going to make my own pumpkin puree to use over the next couple of months. I'll let you know how that goes. And, some were for the kids to use for the school pumpkin contest...

Both kids have entries in the pumpkin contest at school this week. After picking out pumpkins, we made our list, checked off what supplies we already had, and headed off to shop for the rest. I'm very proud of them as I let them to work on them alone, and I only cut, used super glue and use a little paint to turn them from white to grey before delivering them to school on Tuesday.
This is what they came up with:

This is Ian's. He liked this idea (thanks Michael's), and Cesira liked it so much that this is her version:

And, that was just the beginning to our busy week!

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