Saturday, October 18, 2008

Babysitting & Harvest Festival

Last night, I offered to babysit, with 2 other moms, for parents in my moms group (Summerlin Fun Moms) so that they could have a night out. I brought toys and movies down to our family room and closed all the doors upstairs to keep everyone from playing on the stairs. Ian and Cesira wanted to have their doors locked so that they didn't have to share ALL of their toys, so I obliged.

Sharing was a little difficult at the beginning of the night, but they got used to each other and everyone calmed down. We had pizza and put on a couple movies. I know that we had some tired kiddos at the end of the night, and I think everyone had fun.

Ian came up to me at one point and was sad. He was afraid to get in a fight with one of the 3 year olds over one of his hot wheels. I agreed with him that it wasn't nice to take it away from him and gave him a hug. I also told him that he needs to speak up when something upsets him. I gave him a couple options: 1) say that he was playing with the car, and she could have it after he was finished with it, 2) pick out another car and tell her that you are going to play with it for a while. The first time he spoke up I could tell that he was unsure, but by the third time, he was confident. I was so proud of him. I can only hope that Cesira will follow in his footsteps...Actually, Cesira did have a good night. I tried to make sure of it by having her take a nap before everyone arrived. She was very happy to have made a new friend, Lacey.

I'm happy that the night ended with no scraps, bumps or bruises. I got my baby fix. And, most of all, I was glad that I was able to offer a place for the other parents to take their kids so that they could have a night to themselves and not break the bank!

After we all slept in this morning, Ian, Cesira and I went to the Harvest Festival at the Kids' Co-op. Ian didn't think he was going to have fun. Boy, to be bored at the age of 7! While I was helping with the chili cook off and the dessert contest (my apple cake wasn't a winner, I didn't plan for it to be in the contest), they were off and running. Ian was able to swing around, and around, and around on the tire swing, bob for apples, help build a river in sand pit, eat some food, drink lots of water, and have a bucket of water poured over his head - I think he had fun. He did come up with the quote of the day, though: " you think we've been here too long?" He said this right before he went over to get wet. There were so many good photo opportunities there today, I can't wait to see pictures. Not one of them will be from my camera since I FORGOT it! I'm not too sure what Cesira did, because I didn't see her much. I did see her on the monkey bars a lot, and she figured out how to bob for apples (with some guidance from her older brother). I saw them even sitting together to eat with Jacob, his mom, and his grandma. When asked if they had fun, they both said "yes" and then asked if we could go home to relax for a while since they were still tired from last night.

Today has been a nice relaxing day.

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